Nigerian Fried Rice

Nigerian fried rice is popular in most homes and parties. If you do like to enjoy nigerian fried rice, then make sure you have enough ingredients with suitable quantities. Nigerian foods are exciting in making, just keep checking for more recipes.
This recipe will give you a delightful, tasty and colourful nigerian fried rice.Enjoy!!!


Long grain rice

Fresh green peas

Green pepper (green tatashe)

Green Beans


Spring Onions

Groundnut Oil

Knorr/Maggi Cubes


Cow Liver

Curry Powder


Salt to taste


1.Cook cow liver and chicken till done, then cut the liver into tiny pieces.Fry the chicken and keep aside. Do not forget to also keep the stock.

2.Parboil the long grain rice and put aside.

3.Place your pot on the burner, allow to dry, then pour groundnut oil.

4.Allow to heat then add the sliced spring onions, chopped carrot,fresh green peas, chopped green beans and green pepper (green tatashe) then stir.

5. Now add the curry powder, thyme,and knorr/ maggi cubes,then the chopped liver and stir again.

6.Add the chicken stock and salt to taste, then pour the parboiled long grain rice, cover the pot and leave to cook for 8 minutes, then your fried rice is ready.

7. Serve with fried chicken and plantain

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