Nigerian Fried Spaghetti

Nigerian Fried Spaghetti. I had left over jollof spaghetti, so I decided to change the taste and look to improve my appetite. It was yummy, and then I decided I’ll have to share this recipe with you guys.


Jollof spaghetti
Canned peas
Boiled Eggs
Barbecued Chicken


1. Set your frying pan on a burner, pour enough canned peas with little of the liquid, because the liquid is salty and remember you already have salt in your jollof spaghetti. Stir for 2minutes.
2. Now add the jollof spaghetti and stir fry for another 2minutes.
3. Garnish with egg, barbecued chicken and moi moi (bean pudding), Enjoy!!!

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