Nigerian Foods That Make You Fat. The main reason for eating is to be healthy. As some struggle to shed some couple of pounds, others aim at gaining some healthy weight. The type of food dramatically determines the number of calories you will increase after some time. Nigeria is a country blessed with several delicacies that are unforgettable once your tongue comes into contact with these dishes.

Some of these foods are a significant boost if you wish to gain some weight, let’s take a look at some of these Nigerian foods that make you fat;

Nigerian Foods That Make You Fat

1. Nigerian Swallows.

They are the solid foods of Nigeria consumed with soup. Some come from pounded yams, semolina, garri and even cassava. They are rich in nutrients that will significantly elevate your weight. These foods usually go through fermentation and oiling to make them more nutritious and healthy. Apart from containing a lot of carbohydrates, they are rich in calories. However, they are considered to be unhealthy due to the number of calories they possess, and it is best to eat this type of dish with moderation.

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2. Fura Da Nono.

You want to gain some weight, its time to get rid of pasteurized milk and try fura milk. Fura da nunu is a typical Northern Nigeria type of milk rich in fats directly obtained from the cow. Its made from fermented milk and ground millet grains. It’s creamy, thick and sweet nature will make you pour another glass or even ask for more.

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3. Egusi Soup.

The soup is well known for its richness in protein and fats. It’s a dish not only popular in Nigeria but also entire West Africa. The soup contains palm oil, some leafy vegetables, meat and seasoning. The soap goes well with garri, fufu and pounded yam.

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4. Efo Riro.

It is a nutritious vegetable soup made from palm oil, vegetable, stock fish, crayfish, pepper, locust bean and meat. The dish goes well with pounded yams, semolina, amala,eba and fufu. What gives this soup an unforgettable taste is the use of fermented locust beans.

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5. Suya.

Its snack time. Eating snacks is an excellent way of increasing calories in your body. Suya is a typical Nigerian snack taken mostly during the evening hours. Its made from barbequed meat or fish combined with some spices. However, it’s essential to watch whatever meal you take and avoid taking any bite that comes your way.

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6. Boli And Groundnuts.

We all are used to meat barbeques, but its time to do things differently, why not try barbequed plantains. It may seem a little bit odd and strange, but the taste of the plantains combined with groundnuts can take you to another whole new level. The snack is a typical snack for Nigerians and can boost your weight a notch higher.

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7. Amala And Ewedu.

The sensational taste of Amala And Ewedu is incomparable. Amala is packed with plenty of calories and carbohydrates to increase the calories intake in your body and high in carbohydrates. The food comes from cassava, giving it a higher nutrition value. The combination of Amala and Eweudu carries a taste like no other.

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8. Semolina.

Semolina is rich in calories and carbohydrates. Its made from Durum wheat. Its also packed with other minerals like magnesium, phosphorus and potassium all balanced for efficient nutritional value. It is a great meal to help you gain some weight.

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9. Fruits.

Whether you are trying to lose some calories, fruits are ever essential in your body. However, different types of nuts can make you either lose or gain some pounds. Bananas contain 100 calories, therefore if you are on the mission of increasing some few kilograms, develop some habits of taking at least three in a day. Fruits like avocados should also be present in your list.

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10. Rice And Beans.

Yummy right? It’s a great combination which adds some calories in your body. Rice is packed in carbohydrates while beans give your body the protein it requires. Consuming them together gives you enough calories and a healthy diet.

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The above foods are 10 among the Nigerian foods that make you fat. However, that’s only the tip of the iceberg. Remember that you ought to be keen on the number of calories you give your body. Therefore regular checkups from your doctor are essential to determine if your body can handle the number of calories you consume daily.

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