Health Benefits of Fluted Pumpkin Leaves (Ugu). Pumpkin is a well-known plant, and it is usually used for the Halloween holiday. Another way to use a pumpkin is making food out of it. Its leaves are greenish and can be eaten as well as the whole pumpkin.

If you never considered eating the leaves of a pumpkin, maybe this list will change your mind.

health benefits of fluted pumpkin leaves
health benefits of fluted pumpkin leaves (ugu)

What Are The Health Benefits of Fluted Pumpkin Leaves (Ugu) ?

The health benefits of fluted pumpkin leaves include:

1. The leaves are a source of protein, carbohydrates and healthy fat, iron, magnesium, potassium and calcium.

All those vitamins are something that every body, mind and soul needs to work properly.

2. Pumpkin leaves also treat anaemia.

Everyone knows what anaemia is and how bad it can affect your health. You have to consume the leaves regularly. They can even be eaten in a natural form, but if you think you can stand the taste of a leave, you can easily cook it.

3. They have healing properties.

The pumpkin leaves can heal slightly pains or disease that are not too advanced. The way to do that is to blend the leaves together in a somehow smoothie and drink it every morning or in need.

health benefits of fluted pumpkin leaves 2

4. It’s a powerful antioxidant.

The antioxidant nutrients are an important factor in our body. Their main mission is to protect the body from the viruses in the air or other bacteria which you can find in any stranger place. And so the pumpkin leaves are a must-have in your house and it can be used as a medicine.

5. It’s an anti-inflammatory.

We only know about creams and pills that has this power. But as well as artificial medicine, the pumpkin leaves work much natural. Because of their antimicrobial properties, they work very good to prevent the inflammation from a scratch or what else.

6. Treats Cardiovascular Disease.

A cardiovascular disease it has a bad impact for your blood and cells and it’s even deathly.

Consuming the pumpkin leaves regularly, it can help you to prevent this disease to get ahead.

7. It is also treats cancer.

Everyone is afraid of cancer, and there’s nothing else to do if the disease is prominent in your body. But, if you had some genetic cancer in your family, the properties of the leaves of a pumpkin, can help you prevent the cancer grows.

8. Treats Infertility.

Although there are many ways to treat infertility ( most of them are technologically complex ), nobody thought about the pumpkin leaves. This medicine works by providing some anti-oxidative properties and linoleic acid in your body. But this works mostly for men, because it has an impact on their testicles and sperm.

9. Prevents Diabetes

A pumpkin pie may seem sweet for you taste, and that’s because it contains sugar itself and it’s no need to add it. And so, it helps to stabilize your blood sugar level.

10. Reduces stress and depression

The fluted pumpkin leaves should be a common treat for student, but nobody knows about it. Due to their antioxidant properties, you may consider the leaves as a meal option whenever you feel down or stressed.


How do you like to eat or combine fluted pumpkin leaves in your diet; Share with us in the comment section below?

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