Nigerian Ewa Agoyin

Nigerian Ewa Agoyin is when you cook beans ordinarily till very soft and serve with stew. This food which has become popular among Nigerians originated from Togo and Ghana, it is even common to see that those that hawk it or sell along the roads are Togolese and Ghanians.


Black/Brown eyed beans
Ata Rodo/ abanero pepper
Palm oil
Groundnut oil
Maggi / Knorr Cubes
Salt to taste


1. Place a pot of water on your burner. Make sure to put enough water and wait till it boils
2. Rinse the beans and add to the boiling water. Chopped Onions and pour inside the beans, this will make the beans soft in less time, cover it but make sure you add water in case it gets dry when not soft.
3. Once you have your beans very soft, sprinkle little salt.
4. Leave till the water gets dry, after you set it aside.
5. Grind your tomatoes, pepper and onions.
6. The next thing you have to do now is place another pot on your burner, add palm oil and when it a bit hot, pour groundnut oil and leave till they blend. The combination of these two gives an amazing taste to your stew.
7. Add the grinded mixture, maggi / knorr cubes and salt to taste. Turn the mixture with spoon and leave to fry for few minutes.
8. Serve your ewa agoyin with stew and you may decide to eat with bread, boiled yam or fried plantain (dodo)

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