Nigerian Yam Porridge is mainly yam cooked with certain ingredients; it is also called asaro or yam soup.


1 smoked fish or Dry fish
1 tablespoon grinded crayfish
Palm Oil (to color)
Blended Habanero or Chilli Pepper and onion
Salt to taste
Knorr / maggi cubes


1.Peel and cut the yam into cubes.
2.Wash the yam cubes and place in a pot.
3.Pour enough water to cover the yam cubes and start cooking and if you are using dry fish, add it now.
4.When the yams have got a good boil, add the grinded crayfish, blended pepper and onion, knorr/maggi cubes, palm oil and the smoked fish. Add salt to taste and leave to simmer for 10 to 12 minutes.
5.Uncover the pot, and then with a wooden spoon break the yam down by gently mashing. Stir and leave to stand for about 5 minutes then serve.

You can serve with stew, egg sauce or fried plantain.


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