What is Amala?

Amala is a nigerian food mostly eaten by the Yoruba people. It is so common that you can always get it in most restaurants and bukkas in the cities, especially Lagos and Ibadan, even people from other tribes enjoy eating it. It is made out of yam flour (elubo).

Amala is easy and quick to prepare but one has to be careful in the preparation to avoid lumps. It can be served with variety of soups but best enjoyed with gbegiri, ewedu and stew.

credit : 9jafoodie


What you need is yam flour and boiled water. Make sure you have, wooden spoon or turning stick, a bowl filled with little water and igbako.


  1. Put the quantity of water you need in a pot and heat to a boiling point.
  2. Put little hot water aside, you might need it when it is too strong.
  3. Reduce the heat. Add the yam flour and stir with wooden spoon until all the water is absorbed.
  4. Use your clean fingers to feel the texture while still on fire. If it is too strong add hot water and if too soft then add more yam flour.
  5. Add water and let it simmer for 5minutes. Stir again until it is smooth.
  6. Put it down, dip your igbako inside water and knead dough to a smooth paste to serve in a plate or put inside nylon and inside cooler or flask to keep it warm.




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