Gbegiri soup
Gbegiri is soup common to the Yoruba and Hausa people of Nigeria, the Hausa people call it Miyan Wake. The combination of Gbegiri soup, Ewedu soup and stew will surely tease and challenge your tastebuds. It is also known as bean soup.

Ingredients for making gbegiri soup/miyan wake

I cup of beans

Pounded/grinded Pepper

Minced onions

Palm oil



Salt to taste

Locust beans/iru/dawadawa (optional)

Fish/meat (optional)



Remove the beans coat and soak overnight, or for 2 to 3 hours.

Rinse the peeled beans and put inside a pot, then pour water to cover the beans. Add potash to fasten the cooking process, heat and leave to cook until very soft.

It may take 1hour to cook, so top up with water when necessary, just make sure it is always at the same level as the beans.

Then mashed the soft beans with a short neat broom (ijabe) usually set aside for ewedu, and if you still see seed, then extract with a sieve. You can also use blender to get a smooth pudding, just ensure it gets cold first.

Pour in a pot; add the pepper, salt, knorr/maggi, locust beans, onions, fish, meat and palm oil. Cover the pot and leave it to steam for 10 minutes, then your delicious gbegiri soup/miyan wake is ready.

You can decide to serve with ewedu, stew and eat with amala, fufu, tuwo shikafa or eba, whatever your choice maybe.


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