how to cook nigerian spaghetti
How to Cook Nigerian Spaghetti
How to cook nigerian spaghetti, spaghetti is one of the most loved Nigerian foods and has many recipes but I have a very simple and tasty recipe that makes your spaghetti ready in few minutes with few ingredients. I just love making this and you’ll enjoy it when you try this as a student or housewife being single is not a bad idea, just make sure to have a company, there is love in sharing.
how to cook nigerian spaghetti
Ingredients ;
1 Sachet of Spaghetti
Fresh Tomatoes
Fresh Pepper
1 medium sized Onions
Groundnut oil 150ml
2 Cubes of knorr
Salt to taste
how to cook nigerian spaghetti 2

1.      Grind the tomatoes, pepper and onion, then put aside.

Break  the spaghetti into small pieces. I mean break each strand of the spaghetti into three pieces.

Put water in a pot to boil.

4.      Add Salt , then the spaghetti and little spoons of groundnut oil to prevent the spaghetti strands from sticking together while cooking.
5.      After 10 minutes, the spaghetti will be ready.
6.      Drain the remaining water in the spaghetti in a sieve.
7.      Rinse the inside of the pot and put back on the burner to dry.
8.      Add groundnut oil, wait till it’s hot.
9.      Put the grinded tomatoes, pepper and onion, knorr cubes and little salt to taste. Fry till the water dries off, stir occasionally to avoid burning.
1    Put the spaghetti and stir for 2 minutes, then remove from the burner. Your Spaghetti is ready to be served. I served mine with nigerian fried plantain, sliced boiled egg, meat and pomo as you can see below.


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