Health Benefits of Chewing Gum

Chewing gum has been for ages to clean the mouth and freshen the breath. People have different reasons

for chewing gum, some chew gum to freshen their breath after smoking, eating onions or garlic while

others take it as a pleasure.


These are health benefits of chewing gum you might not know about.

1. Minimises Stress and Anxiety

The rhythmic movement of chewing gum has the effect of relieving stress, chewing gum can be a huge

help in minimising stress because it stimulates the flow of oxygen to the brain and reduces the

production of stress hormones in the bloodstream, and making you feel better. Relieving anxiety is

like chewing gum to reduce stress, and chewing gum can also stimulate oxygen flow to the brain and

reduce anxiety. Before you go for a competition, an examination or interview, you can chew gum to

relieve anxiety.


2. Improves Memory

Constantly chewing or moving our chin behavior actually improves our memory. Activity in the brain

region (hippocampus) increases while people chew. chewing gum allows increase in blood flow, thereby

stimulating the brain memory.


3. Limits Ear Pain

Ear pain caused by pressure changes, during takeoff and landing is not interesting. It is long known

that there are many ways to stop the ears popping, but the easiest way to do this could be chewing

gum. This helps to produce saliva to swallow more, which can help to balance the pressure in the ear.


4. Helps in Weight Loss

Chewing gum every time you get hungry unnecessarily can kill the hunger and reduce your cravings for

snacks. This help you stick to your weight loss and healthy diet.


5. Reduces Acid Reflux

Chewing gum after meals can help to reduce the acid in the esophagus. Because of the extra saliva

produced while chewing gum, the digestive acids produced in the stomach can be reduced.


6. Relieves Dry mouth

Since chewing gum can help your glands to produce more saliva, this is a good way to treat the effects

of dry mouth.

7. Improves Breath

Chewing gum with flavour gives the best breath because this will fight against the bacteria causing

bad breath.


8. Keeps You Awake

Continuous chewing when you nibble on a piece of chewing gum actually stimulates your facial muscles.

This promotes blood circulation around your body as it does not have a voluntary physical reaction

like flashing. Bloodstream will be your warning to keep you awake and make you focus when you have

something important to do.


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